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Wide Choice Of Cases & Monitors Available

Entry Level PC - Full System - 399
  17 CRT Monitor
  Windows XP Home Edition
  Case & PSU
  266MHz Motherboard with onboard USB 2.0
  Onboard Sound & Ethernet Port
  AMD Athlon XP 2200+ Processor + HSF
  128MB Crucial PC2100 DDR RAM
  80GB 7200 RPM Hard Disk
  52x CD Rom
  1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
  56Kb/s Hardware Modem
  Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers
  Choice Of Colour Schemes

Our full systems start from just 399 including VAT
and installation.. This gets you an entry level PC comprised of quality components capable of processing all tasks required by the average home user; Office software use, internet browsing, email, photo editing, music downloading, all but the latest games, broadband connection etc

It is possible to build systems cheaper than this but the quality of the components =  many problems and service call-outs so we avoid them like the plague. We use only quality components, from our budget systems, right up to our top of the range systems.

You do not need to stick with a certain specification though. Click here to contact us and tell us your requirements, we shall be happy to provide advice and a very competitive quote if you wish.

The next logical step up from this machine is our Intermediate model but if you prefer you can upgrade this Entry Level model as follows :

52x32x52x CD Rewriter + 20
52x CD Rewriter / 16x DVD Combo Drive +30
256MB Crucial PC2100 266MHz DDR Ram +25
512MB Crucial PC2100 266MHz DDR Ram +60
80GB ATA133 7200 RPM Hard Disk +20
120GB ATA 133 7200 RPM Hard Disk +40
15 TFT Flat Screen Monitor +125
17 TFT Flat Screen Monitor +180

All above upgrade prices subject to small market price fluctuations

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