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Tuition - Business & Home Users

Here are some of the things that the Cleddau Computer Clinic can help you learn or improve your skills on :

  Using Windows
  Using the internet & e-mail
  Word processing & spreadsheet applications
  Digital photography & scanning applications
  Digitally manipulate photos
  Home networks
  Build a personal or business website
  Carry out basic repairs to your computer
  Install Windows and other software applications
  Manage your computers data files
  Backup your essential data onto CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW
  Learn how to find what you want on the web
  Learn how to make your own MP3s & Slide Shows
  + much much more

Please contact us if you cannot see the service you require listed here and we shall be happy to discuss your requirements.

Tuition - Business Rates
30 first hour / 20 per subsequent hours within Pembrokeshire

Bulk session discount packages available, please contact us for details. Premises available at extra cost for group tuition sessions

Tuition - Home User Rates
20 first hour / 15 per subsequent hours within Pembrokeshire

System & Peripheral Installation
OK, you've spent X number of pounds on a new computer system, printer etc but don't have a clue how to start setting it up. You have a ream of instructions and can't make head or tail of the seemingly endless collection of cables supplied with your new PC. Serial cables, parallel cables, VGA cables, USB 2.0 cables etc everywhere.

Why not have one of our technicians visit your office / home and install your PC and all associated equipment, including the setting up of an internet account if required and give you some basic tuition on how to get started.

25 will see our technician install your computer and all peripherals and give you a quick guide on how to get started. Good value considering Dell charge over 100 for this same service!

All of your equipment will be tested and you will be shown the basics on how to start getting the most out of your new tool / toy.

A lot of computers come with nothing but the operating system (Windows) and therefore it can be quite an anti-climax to realise that you have a 1,000 Solitaire machine that you can also type letters on.

If you're a home user, get clued up on some interactive websites to keep your children entertained, get the latest messenger software downloaded, learn how to use chat rooms, install free software to help protect your PC against hackers, learn about the dangers of the net, clean up all temporary files on your computer, be shown how to delete your internet history, learn how premium rate dialup programs can be installed on your machine without your knowledge and potentially leave you with a telephone bill of thousands of pounds - IT HAPPENS!

Forewarned is forearmed and our technicians have the knowledge and weapons to help you wage war against the dangers of life online.

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