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Service & Cost
A standard 25 call out charge is made for business / home visits. This covers the first hour of work carried out.

If a fault diagnosis is made by our technician and the customer decides not to proceed with a repair the call out charge shall still apply. Subsequent hours will be charged at 25 per hour on the basis of a workshop repair. Our technician will remove your tower or desktop unit and return it to base to carry out repairs.

This is usually necessary to prevent high charges being made to the customer by having the technician sitting waiting for Windows and applications to load onto the hard disk. In a workshop environment other work can be carried out on other units while these type of operations are carried out on your machine resulting in a lower repair cost for the customer.

All expenditure will be authorised with the customer before any parts are installed or repair work undertaken and the final bill will include re-installation at your premises / home.

If, as is often the case, our technician effects a very fast repair at your premises, the full 25 is still payable but further work such as virus checking, system optimisation and deletion of unnecessary files and programs will be performed to ensure good service, online security and value for money for our customers.

A standard fee of 40 is charged for repairing crashed computers. This includes:

Reformatting of hard drive
Reinstallation of Windows & device drivers
Reinstallation of Anti-virus & Spyware applications
Reinstallation of any basic software packages

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