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The biggest problem of internet use today are viruses and the less commonly known risk of Spyware & Adware.

Viruses are programs that can infect your computer in different ways. The most common way is via email attachments. They arrive in an email with a subject line that will try to attract your interest and lead to you running the attached file which then infects your computer. At best, some viruses are funny and do no damage at all. At worst, they can destroy your hard drive's data and totally crash your system but not before sending itself to every email address that it finds listed in your computer files.

Other variants such as Trojan Horses may find their way onto your machine by way of malicious scripts. Certain websites use different means of running scripts that attempt to access your computer when you visit their websites. These are often found on pornography sites or illegal software download sites.

Another related problem that has been highlighted in the Pembrokeshire press in particular recently is the dreaded premium rate diallers that find their way onto your machine.

A lot of people, totally innocently, click buttons on pop up screens to say no to a service and are actually unwittingly clicking to give permission for a premium rate dialup program to be installed on their computer. Some can actually replace the dialup number on your regular ISP software such as AOL or Freeserve so you will not even notice any strange screens appearing when it is dialling up. The first you will know about it is when you receive your next phone bill which may be hundreds or even thousands of pounds!

For information about the latest virus threats and how to combat them visit

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