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Whoever chose BEIGE! as the standard computer equipment colour? Thankfully, more imaginative minds are involved in computer construction these days and a computer system can positively be a living room ornament as well as a family PC.

No longer do you need to hide away your beige box under your desk. Add some side windows to your case, some coloured LEDs to your cooling fans, some sound activated cathode ray tubes, some laser type LEDs or fluorescent cables and be the envy of all of your friends.

There seems to be no limit to ways you can cosmetically alter your computer equipment these days and what started out as a craze for the more adventurous computer owners has now been recognised by the major computer manufacturers and pre-modded computer cases are widely available.

Sure, they cost a little more than the boring beige box, but most of our customers feel it's worth the extra expense. Take a look at some of the examples on this page and
contact us to discuss options and availability.

And REMEMBER, you can stick the parts of our entry level computer into one of these cases for a little extra cost, you don't have to have a V12 engine under the bonnet to have a car that people will admire!!!

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