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Home Networks
Many people now have a broadband connection. This is a very fast internet connection, up to 10x as fast as a regular dial up modem connection. With broadband, internet surfing is much more enjoyable in several ways. A wireless home network is economical to install and allows you to share your broadband connection between many computers. Indeed, if you live next door to a relative or close friend, a broadband connection can even be shared between two or more households, depending on the hardware used and the physical separation of the properties, type of wall etc.

This can more than half the cost that you pay for surfing the internet - AND at increased speeds. Therefore you end up with a faster internet connection for a fraction of the price - no catches.

In addition to this, with the addition of a simple print server a single printer can be shared through the same wireless network saving even more money!

A home network can be installed quite cheaply, click here to contact us for more details.

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